poniedziałek, 9 kwietnia 2012

Blue Lagoon

40 ml vodka,
15 ml of lemon juice,
25 ml blue curacao,
100 ml of lemonade,

How to:
Put in shaker  ice cubes, pour the vodka,  lemon juice, curacao, and lemonade.  
Mix it, then strain and pour into a cocktail glass with crushed ice. For decoration you can use lime, cut into particles or slice.


poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2012

Like a Spartacus

This is an evening drink with a very interesting taste, for sure you enjoy it.

 Blood Sand ingredients:
30 ml Bols Cherry Brandy,
30 ml of whiskey,
30 ml of sweet, red vermouth, (martini rosato 4 example)
30 ml of orange juice,

how to:
Just shake all ingredients shaker with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

środa, 28 marca 2012

Banana pineaple smoothie

Smoothie it's cool, fruity, creamy beverage. 
Fresh fruits are mixed up with ice cubes on smooth consistence.
Often, to prepare a smoothie are used ingredients like milk, honey, joghurt ect.
I suggest Smoothie with pineaple and banana.

1 fresh pineaple,
1 banana,
a half of glass coconut milk (sb. about 250ml)
a few ice cubes 

How to:
1. Pill pineaple, cut out hard heart, chop on small pieces. Pill banana and chop on small slices.
2. Put fruits in tupperweare and freeze for 30mins.
3. Cool coconut milk 
4.Put  ingredients in bowl and blend it.


środa, 12 października 2011



I've accidentally made it up a lot of time ago and I decide to share with you this recipe in witch every alcohol taste like juice and strike like devil.

1. ice cubes!
2. lemon/lime slices
3. lime juice
4. energy drink [redbull or sth]
5.  alcohol [recommend gin]

How to:
1. pour alcohol and energy drink into a glass
2. add lime/lemon slices 
3.pour slowly down the side of a glass lime juice 
4.add ice cubes


środa, 17 sierpnia 2011

Martini Dry

"Shaken, not stirred" - these words have been consigned to the history of cinema. If you and you want to feel like James Bond, be sure to try this drink.

  •      100 ml dry martini
  •      50 ml gin (if u want you can use vodka instead of gin)
  •      ice
  •     green olive

1.Fill shaker halfway with ice.

2.Pour into a martini shaker and gin.

3.Shake once, do NOT mix : )

4.Pour contents of shaker into chilled cocktail glass.

5.Put the bottom of a glass of green olive.


sobota, 13 sierpnia 2011

Gin and Tonic

 Yap. It isn't joke, yesterday I had felt power of gin- earlier i thought it's only for chicks ,but nothing more misleading!

 And I fall in love in this bitter taste.
Gin is spirit made from grain and flavored with a mixture of botanicals and predominately the juniper berries. It is the juniper berries that gives gin its distinctive aroma and evergreen flavor.
First made in Holland, Gin was popularized by the English in the 1640s.
Gin was the drink of the English working class and they brought to the US. The majority of Gin sold in the US is London Dry Gin.

- 2 oz gin
- 4 oz tonic water
Garnish: lime/lemon slices

Pour both ingredients into a short glass over ice. Put lime/lemon slices and enjoy!

placing the glass in the refrigerator before serving is a good idea

wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2011

Rum Runner

Rum Runners were invented at the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar in the late 1950s, when a new bartender took over and discovered he was overstocked on Hirim Walker blackberry brandy, banana liqueur, and light rum; the drink is named after the felonious former inhabitants of the Florida Keys, as well as the generous portions of rum used in the recipe. Sweet and fruity, these babies pack more than just punch.


  • Two cups ice
  • One ounce (30 mL) pineapple juice
  • One ounce (30 mL) orange juice
  • One ounce (30 mL) blackberry liqueur
  • One ounce (30 mL) banana liqueur
  • One ounce (30 mL) light rum
  • One ounce (30 mL) dark rum or aged rum
  • Optional: one ounce (30 mL) of Bacardi 151 to float on top
  • Splash grenadine
  • Orange slice (optional)
  • Ounce (30 mL) of 151 Rum (optional)
  • To make by the gallon use 24oz of each ingredient
(Dark rum is strong and flavorful. Use more or less of it to taste.)

All you need to pour a shot of rum into a straw is a cheap, plastic pourer and a semi-steady hand. Otherwise, just float the rum on top of the finished drink. Bartenders in Key West have their own unique recipes for this drink. Feel free to experiment with different liqueurs, rums and juices. Here are three other options:


1/2 oz Blackberry Brandy,1/2 oz Banana Liq, 1/2 oz Lt rum, 1/2 oz Spiced rum, O.J. Sweet-n-sour.


Mix 1 1/2 Malibu Rum,1 oz Blackberry Brandy, O.J., Pineapple, splash cranberry. Best: Mix 1oz Bacardi lt, 1/2 oz Blk berry Brandy, 1/2 Banana Liq, splash grenadine, splash lime, top it with a 1 oz float of Meyers Rum. All of these can be shaken and on the rocks or put on ice and blended. Each is better with a Meyers float on top.


1 1/2 oz White Rum 1/4 oz Banana Liqueur 1/4 oz Blackberry Brandy 1/2 teaspoon Grenadine 5 oz Sweet & Sour Mix Shake with ice and strain in to cocktail glass Add cherry with small lime wedge on stick for looks but this is the original