sobota, 9 lipca 2011

Lime Margarita

Margarita is unrivaled when it comes to drinks based on Tequila. Recognizable, just as the Mexican national drink, is regarded as number one among those who like a bit of tarnish his fire. Margarita is in Spanish, "daisy", but probably drink takes its name from the name of a woman for whom created this iconic drink - Margarita drink.
1 ½ cup tequila
  ½ cup Cointreau (Triple Sec)
  a bit of lime juicecoarse / table salt
shaker on ice
chilled cocktail glass

1.Put ice in a shaker.
2. Measure one part tequila and pour into the shaker.
3.Add one part triple sec, which is an orange-flavored liqueur made from the dried peel of oranges from the Caribbean.
4.Add one part fresh lime juice.
5.Shake vigorously.
6.Take a slice of lime and run it around the rim of the glass. Make sure to get the outer edge of the glass - that is where you want the salt to stick.
7.Pour some coarse salt onto a plate, flip the glass with the wet lime juice rim upside down, and swirl it in the salt on the plate. Fill the glasses with some ice and strain the drink from the shaker and into the glass. Alternatively, you can use sugar instead of salt to rim the glass.
8. Garnish with a lime  and enjoy!

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  1. There's this mexican restaurant near me called La Nopalera. Best. Ritas.. Everrrrr!

  2. Classic drink! My dad's homemade recipe involves a homemade sweet & sour, 30 lemons, 20 limes, powdered sugar, and a couple other ingredients. With Patron Citron and tequila.
    But this looks like a good simple recipe!

  3. Might as well try making this someday. When I'm not on a crazy schedule, that is.

  4. i´ll have to try this out since i don´t like beer

  5. this brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing man. ;)

  6. Great drink!

  7. what tequilla is best for it ?

  8. tequila for me, does not normally matter, but I heard that it is desirable najbardizej: Patron, Sauza Tres Generacionessilver, Anejo;
    Hussong's, Sauza Hornitos / Sauza Conmemorativo (Anejo), Cazadores

  9. For me Margaritas are difficult. Even in good bars they can taste bad, but sometimes you get a good one. Good description, especially the video!

  10. Thanks man. I personally don't like margarita's but my girlfriend love it. Now I can make some for her! Thanks, oh and maybe I can find more drinks to make here in the future! Keep them comming. +follow